Thursday, January 21, 2010

Online Student, do I like it or not?

Well, I will have to start by saying that I like the flexibility it offers however it is not easier than being a classroom student. Studying online, requires motivation, discipline, planning and proper time management. Oh yes, let me not forget to mention that there is no room for procastination! So yes, I do like it, make me a better person. No as well as I do miss the face-to-face interaction. Even though there is quite a bit of interaction with my classmates, I feel that nothing beats patting someone on the back and saying "did you study for the test yet?"

I do have to remind myself that there are reasons why I settled for the online degree program and one huge reason is so I can travel. I did not want my geographical location to hinder my studies and so this is a perfect situation right now.

I think it would be great if classmates could meet someday, perhaps through a reunion of some sort. Should we meet, i think it would be such an interesting experience as we are getting to meet in person after tons of discussions, sharing of thoughts so on and so forth. It is very simple, even though it is convenient to be able to read books online, nothing beats holding that book in your hands or does it?

Monday, January 18, 2010


How does it feel to be betrayed?
Betrayed by the ones you truly trusted?
When betrayed, what is the lesson? To not trust agian? To be more careful? What is it?
A very good friend from afar told me how she was betrayed by the people who were the closest to her....
How everyone she loved turned against her in the last hour....
Then I was told by another friend that the pain of betrayal does not go away it remains
Then I added that even though the pain of betrayal remains, there is something we can do for ourselves...that is to fill ourselves with love and perhaps...perhaps...the pain of betrayal will get lesser over time.
But one who has suffered betrayal, will he/she find the courage to let love flow? In order to have love, you have to trust right?
Trust, love these go hand in hand...don't they?

Monday, January 11, 2010


Why must there be algebra? Most of the time, we are using subtraction, division, multiplication and addition. It is basically 50-30, 5+10 etc do we go around 50xy + 20y - 30k? I guess algebra is required for more complicated mathematical operations. But again, do we all have to learn this? Do I have to learn it? Perhaps some of you may already know why I am writing this, it is plain and simple, I hate Math!

It took me 10 minutes to complete one problem on prime factorization when others are able to do it in minutes, some seconds. Papers I used are filled with scribbles all over the page. When I was younger, I failed Math all the time and we all know that having repeated failures sometimes lead to discouragement and then a lack of motivation to even try again. This was what happened to me, I told myself, what the heck, since I cannot do Math, I will spend time doing something I am good at and that is play! Guess what, I have no regrets because I really did well in playing!

Here I am though, taking Math once again but the difference this time, I have a great lecturer, I am willing to try and I want to learn and yes I'd still play but I'll do the Math first:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Ocean is too much for me....

Come back inside, before the waves come crashing in...
It is safer here, come back inside will you?
How many times do I have to plead with you to come back inside?

Waves crashing in....the house is now a part of the ocean
I forgot, you can swim, I can't
Will you save me, or will I drown
I'm holding on to my dear life
Are you really letting me go

Deep blue is all I see now
Ocean, here I am, will you spare me
Or should I let you cosume me.....


Background noise of the TV,
clicking of the computer keyboard,
slamming of doors,
interruption of dreams,
journeys of the soul cut short.

Now I hear the rain,
there is darkness in the room,
darkness in all the rooms,
darkness in the house,
I follow the darkness,
A smile forms,
now I can hear the sound of silence.
Can you?

Welcome Everyone

It is nice to finally set up my blog. I never knew that this process could be so easy besides now I will have no excuse to state in words the thoughts that often crowd my mind. I believe that sometimes it is easier to write than to speak. My ex-boss, now a very good friend of mine once told me, "writing clarifies the mind". Enjoy!