Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hi All
I feel that this would be my last chance to share something about me with all of you, wonderful writers besides when I receive your replies or if I do, I will know that those responses were well thought out as writing helps to clarify one's thoughts.

The last few months have been very painful for me, my marriage was on the rocks and at this point we both would like to give it a try. I still do feel very hurt and emotionally withdrawn especially from those who once told me that I am part of the family, "my husband's family". It was not true of course. It has brought me so much pain an distress and everytime I think about what happened I feel hurt at my own understanding of love. Perhaps I have painted such a beautiful picture of love, trust, friendship only to be told the truth that it does not exist. Or does it?

The good thing is I am able to smile again, there are wonderful people I have met previously or recently that have brightened my life. I am doing really well at my job and absolutely loving it. However, I feel this battle deep within me, to trust or not to trust again. How many chances to you give someone, one, two , three or seventy times seven like the Bible says?

I smile when I think about myself as being very passionate, intense and seeking likewise experiences in everything I do. I have not been disappointed in many areas but in love, I felt I have failed. How do I trust again? I can't love and be bitter at the same time and I do not know which path to take. I know which path I would like to take but will I be hurt again?

Thank you all:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Paper, Almost Done

I honestly cannot wait to see the final product. I am also excited about letting different readers read my paper. They are going to be outsiders, one of them will be my boss another, my co-worker. It would be interesting to hear what others have to say about its content, grammatical usage and the topic on the whole.

I feel that the writing process can be a rather tedious procedure especially if you have never been exposed to the different techniques. However, once adopt and utilize these techniques accordingly, it makes you feel like a skilled writer. I want to use the word an "expert".

Having gone through the writing process, I would like to say that I felt a mixture of frustration and joy at times. Frustration, when you feel like you have worked so hard and yet be made known to you that your paper is not good enough. Joy, when I took those very same ideas that people were not receptive to and revised, modified, whatever you would want to call it but ultimately resulting in readers being more receptive this time.

I have come to realise that it is all about the reader. You basically have to cater to your readers. Therefore, write what you think will be well received by your targeted audience.

Best of Luck to All of You for the Finals! All of you have worked very hard and I hope that you do really well:)