Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unit 10 - Thank You All!

In unit 3 for psychological well-being, it was 5.5, spiritual well-being it was, 6 and physical well-being, 5. Let's see, now I would rate my psychological well-being as 6, spiritual well-being, 6.5 and physical well-being, 5.5. Yes, the scores have improved by .5, I think my progress is very slow but I would rather it be this way then shooting up all the way to the top without much substance. I would to be able to withstand the storm when it comes.

I think my scores have changed mainly due to lots of planning, thinking, praying and quiet time. I did mention in unit 3 that I would like to start off with doing some stretches so as to help my physical well-being and this is something I have been doing. I would like to be a bit more regular but again, at least I have started. I have also started on meditation and I make it a part of whatever I do such as eating without the TV on and also sitting down in silence. Instead of reading positive affirmations, I have been reading other information; just about anything to help broaden my horizons which helps, I think it serves as pleasant diversion. Though I think I must work on starting to read positive affirmations.

This course has been made want to spend more time with myself, it has also helped me to face truths about various situations in my life. In dealing with others, I have noticed that I am more detached yet compassionate. Reading the experiences of others has been rewarding. What has been difficult is picking up myself, the amount of work it takes can be painful but then I believe in , "slowly but surely". I think the experiences I have gone through plus all this knowledge that I have accumulated will be put to good use in the next second, minute, month, year...whoever and whatever that comes my way will benefit. And I will benefit too, simply because it is a cycle.

Thank you all for helping and encouraging me with your great works and experiences:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Subtle Mind comforts me but Loving-Kindness prunes me!

Let's see, I must say I really like the subtle mind exercise and I have no trouble getting into it and being focused, it relaxes me, there is no pressure involved and I do not have to use too much mind power.

Loving-kindness practice makes me work, it is really reaching into the depths and letting go and letting love in.

I will use both practices in my personal life to foster "mental fitness". For subtle mind, I will use it when I have endless chatter in my mind and the way I would do this, is to set aside a space for me probably on a nice pretty carpet with warm lights and some cushions and there I would spend time being quiet and practicing the subtle mind exercise.

The Loving-kindness practice would be done at the same place where I would be spend time each day thinking about the ones that I love, the ones who were not so nice to me that day, and include the one who have not be so great to me in previous times and then a larger group such as victims of domestic violence, homeless children etc and let the love flow...


When I met you
I looked into your eyes
What was I seeing?
Love, passion, beauty, laughter...?
Or was it my own refection

Did you see the same in my eyes?
What did you see?
I would like to know

Tell me when you have the time
When you reach the point of pointlessness
I would like to hear of your reflection
when you looked into my eyes

Perhaps we might then share the same depth
Clarity comes through nakedness
How can you see when you are fully clothed
Covered by the outer so that you can hide the inner

I would like to see the inner,
I hope someday you would invite me...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meeting Ascepius and "One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself"

Meeting Asciepius by far was one of the most wonderful exercises I have done and I think this is mainly due to the fact that I always think about this person and I call this person, "Uncle Anthony Yeo", a mentor, a father-figure and someone who has loved me unconditionally for the last 16 years of my life. I lost him to Leukaemia in 2009. I felt that it was so easy to think about him and visualize the light and all. I often get dreams about him which further enhances my meditative practice. I think that through my meditative practice I get the chance to be quiet and understand my own feelings, becoming aware of them always helps so that emtions that are negative do not get out of hand and when they do not get out of hand, it helps me psychologically because then I do not have to deal with more baggage lol!

Continuing with meditative practices is really a matter of discipline. First of all, one has to belive that it helps and only when there exist such strong beliefs will one make the time for meditation. So, for me, it is a matter of making the time no matter how painful and overwhelming dalily events can sometimes be.

Well, well, I think it is about “talking the talk but not walking the walk” is quite similar to “One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself”. For example, how can Suzanna tell Esther to be a team player when Suzanna herself goes around gosipping about other team members! See what I mean? It is about practicing what one preaches. As a health and wellness professional, I must uphold to the standards that I would like for my clients to be at; for instance, if I tell my students to dance without a mirror so that they can feel every movement and not be distracted by their own image, then I must do so similarly. If I do so otherwise, then my students will not truly know what it is like to feel every movement because I would not be able to describe or demonstrate to them with all that is within me because to begin with I never did it myself.

For me, at this point of my life, psychological and spiritual growth comes when I have a plan, setting goals to accomplish my plan. Ways for me to help myself psychologically and spiritually is, first of all, do not stretch myself too much, see to the completion of projects that are already on my plate. Plan, plan, plan but allow flexibility. Most of all, prayer...