Saturday, January 8, 2011

Subtle Mind comforts me but Loving-Kindness prunes me!

Let's see, I must say I really like the subtle mind exercise and I have no trouble getting into it and being focused, it relaxes me, there is no pressure involved and I do not have to use too much mind power.

Loving-kindness practice makes me work, it is really reaching into the depths and letting go and letting love in.

I will use both practices in my personal life to foster "mental fitness". For subtle mind, I will use it when I have endless chatter in my mind and the way I would do this, is to set aside a space for me probably on a nice pretty carpet with warm lights and some cushions and there I would spend time being quiet and practicing the subtle mind exercise.

The Loving-kindness practice would be done at the same place where I would be spend time each day thinking about the ones that I love, the ones who were not so nice to me that day, and include the one who have not be so great to me in previous times and then a larger group such as victims of domestic violence, homeless children etc and let the love flow...


  1. Subrina,

    I agree about the effects of the Loving Kindness practices have upon one but I get my peace from Meditation which gives me comfort by clearing my mind. I plan to use these practices with the groups of chronically ill, domestic violence, trauma patients I will be working with, and I currently use it with the homeless and the juvenile offenders I come in contact with the Volunteer Ministers Program with in which I work as a volunteer.

  2. Hi. I agree with your statements about the subtle mind. I just could not get into the loving-kindness exercise. That one was just not for me. I really like the visualization exercises. They seem to be so relaxing and bring me to a happy place in my life.

  3. Subrina,
    Using both of these exercises to foster your mental fitness is an excellent idea. I love how you state that the subtle mind exercise allows you to get into the idea of meditation and the loving-kindness exercise makes you work to stay focused and develop that new level of unity consciousness.
    Great post

  4. Hi Subrina, I agree with your sentiments. Although I found the Subtle Mind to be more conducive to my nature, the Loving Kindness exercises proved beneficial in that it forced me to focus on others and not just myself. I am finding that my mind is not so subtle, therefore making it hard for me to embrace and release the myriad mental distractions I have. It is indeed a difficult task to tame the wandering mind. I appreciate your insight.

  5. Subrina, I like the words "comfort" and "prunes" I really could understand from the use of your desciption. I absolutely love the subtle mind and know it is a challenge for me. I agree very good when we have "endless"chatter. It was comforting as well. But it brings such a serenity to me.

    Pruning, yes excellent way to describe the exercise. I guess because I practice Loving kindness in my life on a regular basis, I learned to try and be as selfless as I can such a long time ago, the practice was easy and common to me, because I think like that all the time. I realize that it is not that easy for so many and it does require pruning. Pruning is something that is required to help us growing. While my pruning started such a long time ago, I still have to go on the knife per se. In order to blossom, and produce fruit, pruning is essential...Thanks for you post and your creative expression it made me smile BIG!!!

  6. I completely agree with the above comment about pruning. I love the metaphor, as it brings to mind the fact that, without pruning, a tree may grow in uncontrolled ways that actually lead to its early demise. Pruning always makes a tree look a little ugly,in my opinion, until time passes and the positive effects of pruing can be seen in its shape, reach, and fruit bearing.