Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unit 10 - Thank You All!

In unit 3 for psychological well-being, it was 5.5, spiritual well-being it was, 6 and physical well-being, 5. Let's see, now I would rate my psychological well-being as 6, spiritual well-being, 6.5 and physical well-being, 5.5. Yes, the scores have improved by .5, I think my progress is very slow but I would rather it be this way then shooting up all the way to the top without much substance. I would to be able to withstand the storm when it comes.

I think my scores have changed mainly due to lots of planning, thinking, praying and quiet time. I did mention in unit 3 that I would like to start off with doing some stretches so as to help my physical well-being and this is something I have been doing. I would like to be a bit more regular but again, at least I have started. I have also started on meditation and I make it a part of whatever I do such as eating without the TV on and also sitting down in silence. Instead of reading positive affirmations, I have been reading other information; just about anything to help broaden my horizons which helps, I think it serves as pleasant diversion. Though I think I must work on starting to read positive affirmations.

This course has been made want to spend more time with myself, it has also helped me to face truths about various situations in my life. In dealing with others, I have noticed that I am more detached yet compassionate. Reading the experiences of others has been rewarding. What has been difficult is picking up myself, the amount of work it takes can be painful but then I believe in , "slowly but surely". I think the experiences I have gone through plus all this knowledge that I have accumulated will be put to good use in the next second, minute, month, year...whoever and whatever that comes my way will benefit. And I will benefit too, simply because it is a cycle.

Thank you all for helping and encouraging me with your great works and experiences:)


  1. Hi Subrina:
    I enjoyed your post and we have a lot of similarities especially the slow progress but that is good because it made me realize the journey is more important than the destination.

    Good point about turning off the television while eating so we can be more mindful of what we are eating. I am trying to get my partner to slow down and enjoy his food. It seems easier to focus on what we are eating when the TV isn't blaring in the background.

    I also would like to start reding affirmations but I am going to stick with the meditation if possible first. The reading of affirmations will happen eventually.

    Good luck to you in all your future endeavors and keep up the good work on your path to integral health.

  2. Subrina,

    There is nothing like progress, does not matter how much, what matters is you can see a difference. I realize this is not something that I can change over night because I learned my habits over time. I do realize that the decision to change can be a quick one and little by little we can achieve integral health, I wish you the best!

  3. Hi Subrina,

    I think that every person in this class has improved how they feel about themselves in all three aspects of health and wellness. Just taking the time to analyze them, find your weaknesses, and setting goals to improving them is taking a giant step! There is always room for growth and development, no matter how good you feel about something. Never accept anything short of what your dreams are and keep striving for what you deserve! Good luck with the rest of your studies at Kaplan!