Monday, January 11, 2010


Why must there be algebra? Most of the time, we are using subtraction, division, multiplication and addition. It is basically 50-30, 5+10 etc do we go around 50xy + 20y - 30k? I guess algebra is required for more complicated mathematical operations. But again, do we all have to learn this? Do I have to learn it? Perhaps some of you may already know why I am writing this, it is plain and simple, I hate Math!

It took me 10 minutes to complete one problem on prime factorization when others are able to do it in minutes, some seconds. Papers I used are filled with scribbles all over the page. When I was younger, I failed Math all the time and we all know that having repeated failures sometimes lead to discouragement and then a lack of motivation to even try again. This was what happened to me, I told myself, what the heck, since I cannot do Math, I will spend time doing something I am good at and that is play! Guess what, I have no regrets because I really did well in playing!

Here I am though, taking Math once again but the difference this time, I have a great lecturer, I am willing to try and I want to learn and yes I'd still play but I'll do the Math first:)


  1. I just finish with my math class last term, and I am not ashamed to tell you I suffered. It was painful. : ) In the end I am still confused with algebra, although the class was called "applying mathematics or something like that. I have new gray hairs. lol...

    I unlike you, just did not have much in the way of this subject (algebra) when I was in high school, and what little I did have I didn't understand then. My advice to you is find someone that is willing to sit with you, that is not afraid to say "no, this is the step you missed". I would not have made it through without my kids (although they enjoyed knowing something mom didn't) sitting there beating me over the head. : ) One more bit of advice if you are like me buy a paper mill, your going to need it.

  2. I suffered with math as well although I ended with a 98 in the class. I should be happy, but I cannot honestly tell you how I came by that score! lol Talk with you soon!

  3. I understand you very well. You can do it. I am not looking forward to my return to math as well but am confident in the support at Kaplan and the Math Center. Good luck!! Can't wait to read when you have gotten your first A.

  4. I had intermediate algebra last sememster. Someone in the class asked the professor what algebra had to do with the health care profession. The instructor told the class that the algebra itself didn't have anything to do with it, but it was teaching us critical thinking and problem solving skills. Which in a sense, made sense to me.