Thursday, January 21, 2010

Online Student, do I like it or not?

Well, I will have to start by saying that I like the flexibility it offers however it is not easier than being a classroom student. Studying online, requires motivation, discipline, planning and proper time management. Oh yes, let me not forget to mention that there is no room for procastination! So yes, I do like it, make me a better person. No as well as I do miss the face-to-face interaction. Even though there is quite a bit of interaction with my classmates, I feel that nothing beats patting someone on the back and saying "did you study for the test yet?"

I do have to remind myself that there are reasons why I settled for the online degree program and one huge reason is so I can travel. I did not want my geographical location to hinder my studies and so this is a perfect situation right now.

I think it would be great if classmates could meet someday, perhaps through a reunion of some sort. Should we meet, i think it would be such an interesting experience as we are getting to meet in person after tons of discussions, sharing of thoughts so on and so forth. It is very simple, even though it is convenient to be able to read books online, nothing beats holding that book in your hands or does it?

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  1. I agree with you, I miss the face to face interaction. But the up point for me is I can be reach when others need me. I don't have to turn the cell phone off. But, it sure would be nice when someone say "I need a study buddy", which I would kill for in my A & P II Class. I don't have to wonder, now just how does one study together online. lol... I find this complicated and confusing.

    As for books online, I find it annoying to read them online, and love all the books I can get my grimy little mits on. Real books are great, they each feel different, smell different and tell us a different story. : )

    A reunion would be such a fun thing to do. It would be a great experience to share and meet some of the people that we all come to know over the course of our education. Real people are so much better in person, and seeing ones eyes, as the eyes say so much more than typing. They tell us if we really are being listened to, if someone is lying, they show when someone is truly passionate about the topic, and so much more. : )

    What an excellent topic, and post you have here.