Monday, February 1, 2010

Does Counseling Help?

Hi everyone, Welcome to Unit 4. Times passes by so fast.
I looked at the topics on plagiarism and then I thought to myself that it is interesting to share my thoughts on it. However, I decided to talk about counseling and I would like your comments.
Do you think counseling can help a person?
I often think that counseling on benefits those who are willing to make a change. But what about someone who is forced into counseling? Will there be changes? Will the person become even more resistant? Even if no changes are made, counseling does force a person to think. Questions are being asked between counselor and client. Both parties are made to think. I sometimes think about the movie goodwill hunting where Matt Damon is basically ordered to go for counseling and in the end he actually goes to find the woman that he likes, he did not want to be that mathematician that everyone was trying to help him be. What I would like to know though is what happens after he finds that woman and lives with her? Can they be happy together especially when he has gone through so much? I guess here is my question, can a person who has gone through so much pain be able to treat another person with love. My answer would be, yes if they are willing to receive love themselves but if they are not? Then what? Are they then meant to live love being wounded animals or is there truly a way to heal those wounds? I do not know the answer.

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  1. Hello,

    Speaking as one who has been to counseling on and off since I was seven, I can tell you only that it does not work unless one is willing to tell the whole truth. A counseling session that is full of speculation and no concrete truths is sort of self defeating I think, That is my opinion anyway. Great post Subrina! Talk with you soon!