Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peer Reviews and My Experiences with them.

I think I learn alot from feedback. Gaining feedback is key in improving upon a particular task. There have been negative experiences but I want to say more postive than negative. Having both types of experiences are also valuable because it helps you decide which information you should be recptive to and which ones you should throw out the window. I think when a person provides feedback, their one motive should be, to help the other get better and not to crush the other. This is visible by seeing the content of feedback offered, words used. Are they being very objective or is is merely a personal attack?

I think that we are all teachers and it is just very important to come from a point of nurturing and building a person. Words are very powerful so we must be very wise and selective in how we use them. This reminds me of my Art teacher, Ms Victoria Loy, in high school. By the way, I failed eveything in high school except Art and English and I think that a big part of me obtaining wonderful grades for these two subjects were mainly due to my teachers being very encouraging, helpful and nurturing. When I was stuck at one point or another, they would ask me questions that made me think and come up with solutions on my won. I recall skipping my dental appointments just to be with Ms Vistoria Loy and working on my project. She was very gentle and guided me through. We would work in silence and talked only when needed and every sentence that came out of her mouth was inspiring. When I was done, I scored a distinction for it!

Thanks to great feedback, from great people.

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