Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Blog's life after this course

Honestly, I do not know. I do know that I like writing and I do it quite a bit in my journal. It is always nice to have a pen in your hands and write something down versus turning on the computer, waiting to connect to the internet and then writing or maybe trying to troubleshoot as there might be some network problems. However, the nice thing about blogging on the internet is, one can set it in a way where others do not have access to it. Writing it down in a journal, someone may have access to it if they manage to find it's hiding place.

As much as I do not want people out there to read what I have written, I also do value the comments on whatever I have written so far. It is rather strange, it is like wanting someone to know you yet desiring to be anonymous. I do not understand this. It reminds me of the very many mystic poets such as Kabir, Rumi and more. Such depth and impact in each word used and yet we never had the chance to meet these poets. Perhaps that was meant to be, that we only meet them through reading what they have written.

So yes, I would still write but I do not know if it will be on my blog, maybe yes, maybe no.

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  1. Hey Subrina,

    Thinking about you and wishing great good luck at this end of term!

    Love, Becks