Sunday, February 7, 2010

How is school influencing my life at this point?

I would like to say that I am very happy to be in school and that it does scare me when I think about what I would do when it is over. I have always been one who likes learning new things, knowledge is extremely important to me and therefore I have to constantly be exposed to new information. At this point, school is doing this for me. I have also noticed that I have learnt to be better at managing my time and am rather disciplined.

I think that for me, I will always be studying something. I plan on getting my Master's after I am done with my Bsc. It would probably be about 2-3 years before I do it though as I need to finish paying my student loan before I can study again. So within that 2-3 years I will have to make sure that I have enough to challenge me intellectually. I do think that whatever I am learning now, I would want to create opportunities for me to put into practice what I have learnt especially when after graduating. However, sometimes I do find myself drawing from what I have learnt and incorporating in my daily life and I think that this is how it should be.

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