Friday, June 4, 2010

You gave me away

I sit and watch the smiles
I hear the laughter
sometimes it is from me
laughing not at another but me

laughter changes to tears
I wonder what my four walls would say to me
about my tears if they could talk
Would they be tired too, just like everyone else
just like the one I loved the most
just like the one who hurt me me most

I watch children
Watching them smile at me
eases my pain of shattered dreams
holding them, gives me the tenderness and warmth
I so long for each night
the same tenderness and warmth I have been longing for

But then I have to walk away
As nothing is mine
Nothing was ever mine
Not even my own emotions

I gave my all, I traveled round the world
just to give you my all
But you gave me away
I gave me away

You say you long for love
Love was there
Right there beside you
Greeting you every morning
Calling on you every afternoon
Waiting for you every night
And crying each time you went out of sight

You gave it away
You gave me away

1 comment:

  1. Subrina,

    What a bautiful poem. You have extreme talent.