Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One writes, the other says

I told him that we were never friends when we started
So he writes to me and tells me that I was always his friend
I ask if he could be mine and he said that he does not want to
which means...he was never my friend to begin with......I cry as I think about this
I have lost so much and sometimes I wonder if I ever gained anything in the 1st place

The other tell me that I give and I give alot, I'm a giver
He is at a slower pace
He said if he does not repond I should understand that he is in an awkward situation

Ah....so much pain involved in showering someone with love
Perhaps one day, i will reach a point where I won't want to give anymore
As there are more takers present than givers

I am so hurt
I have been hurting for so long
I wish I could just disappear

I ask myself these days if love is even worth it anymore
affection, tenderness, are all these real or just a passing moment
If it is a passing moment, then let it just pass and not stop for me
so that I do not have to live with the pain when it is gone

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