Monday, November 29, 2010

My Wellness and Experience with Rainbow meditation

Let's see on a scale of 1-10 for my physical well-being, I would be 5, spiritual well-being 6 and psychological well-being 5.5. Yes, they do not look great at all and I would like for these numbers to change. On the physical level, I have been going through some struggles medically though I do think that this is about to improve soon. Have been on medication that has caused some liver problems but my doctors has discontinued this. For Spiritual well-being, I am struggling with a bit of a depression and am having a hard time trusting the superior one, it is coming back since I have started meditation and prayer again. For my psychological well-being, when things are not as great as they are, it is hard to convince myself otherwise which is exactly what I am going through; negative thoughts.

I have thought about goals for each of these areas and so here it is:-
Physical well-being: I would like to let my body heal and start doing stretches and slowly and slowly get back deeper into dancing.
Spiritual well-being: I would like to spend 15-30 minutes each day in prayer and meditation.
Psychological well-being: I would like to spend at least 15 minutes each day reading literature, quotes that are postive to counter the negative thoughts in my mind.

Exercise that can benefit my physical well-being at this point would be vinyasa yoga, I just love the flow and belly dancing, helps with creativity and ultimately makes my body healthy.
As for spiritual well-being, my meditation would be focusing on my breath and I do like focusing on all my chakras.
For psychological well-being, I love literature such as Rumi, Khalil Gibran and I am open to others as well.

I absolutely enjoyed the rainbow meditation, it made me feel very calm and relaxed. I would like to use this on a daily basis as part of my meditation exercise. It was nice to not have to answer the phone. I think I would benefit from doing this on a daily basis simply because I do like the idea of chakra meditation.


  1. Hi Subrina,

    Reading postive literature, such as quotes in particular, can be a terrific way to get some affirmation ideas and possibly habitualize them for our benefit.

    Great post!


  2. Hi Subrina. It is great that you are so in touch with your health and well-being. Although you feel that you have things to work on--don't we all--acknowledging these things is half the battle. Many people go through life denying their health issues, engaging in unhealthy behaviors and ignoring their body's inner call for attention until a chronic diagnosis forces them to change their lifestyle. Kudos to you for making the mind/body connection--it is not an easy task. Great post.

  3. Subrina,

    You and I are in similar boats with our health and wellness. I also have the physical challenges with having severe osteoarthitis in both knees--caused from being very athletic when I was growing up and just worn the cartilage out--bone to bone grinding when I move my knees. My liver was also affected by medication a doctor prescribed and excess dosage of Tylenol and other pain medications. It will clear up---the liver can sometimes clear itself up when you stop submitting the bad stuff like Tylenol in high doses as I was doing. My liver is almost perfet now, it took about 5 years.
    I also went through a major bout with depression and I turned within to fix within myself my damaged self-image that was causing most of my depression. The psychiatist, I was seeing due to my depression, prescribed me with Paxil, Depacoat, Elivil, Zyprexa and other anti-depressants, which eventually affected my liver and they also caused me to gain weight to where I was 300 lbs. Once I stopped the meds the liver problem cleared up and I lost the excess weight. With the look inside I was able to defeat the depression.

    Just hang in there with a little persistance and determination you can do whatever you decide to do. Make your mind up and just DO IT!!!!

  4. Subrina, it sounds like you are on the right track all the way around. If you have an alternative health practitioner/herbalist in your area, you may wish to meet with them regarding nutrients that can support your liver's healing process. (Don't let anyone talk you into a hard core "liver cleanse," though! One should use extreme caution when "cleansing" a stressed organ.) If you're interested in research you can do on your own, you can look up information on Milk Thistle for its liver-supporting properties.