Sunday, December 5, 2010

Loving Kindness

The loving kindness practice for me was kind of an interesting one. I say this because I do find the instructions helpful on the other hand I found it rather disruptive especially when I am beginning to enjoy the sound of the waves. However, the sound of the waves was kind of artificial too, it was repetitive the same sounds, very fake. I think this is the case as I am used to listening to music that has no interruptions which helps me focus better. I must say that the method of practive that is focusing on your loved one, sick one, strangers and all living beings including enemies is a rather complex one and one that is very hard to do and at times I found it hard because I am still angry with some people. I think practice and time will certainly help.

The concept of "mental workout" is basically training your mind, being contemplative, feeding it with positive thoughts even when it is difficult. Research indicates that mental workout leads to gaining wisdom, peace, compassion, happiness and wholeness. Through time, we create an inner haven within oursleves, a place that we will want to keep coming back to however it takes perseverance. Spending time in contemplative practice on a daily basis perhaps twice a day through meditation where I repeat postive affirmations to myself with each breath can foster psychological health for me.

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Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publication, Inc.


  1. Hey Subrina! Your comment regarding anger and the inability to forgive is a very poignant one. Anger is a very powerful thing and although it is regarded as one of the basic human emotions we all experience, it is an emotion that many people still have the inability to acknowledge and control. Furthermore, the power that anger has over people may cause emotional and physical inner turmoil and expose those around them to the same experience. I used to feel like you do and I would let anger get the best of me. Unfortunately, it has taken a life-changing event of a family member in order for me to take control of my anger. It is difficult to forgive, but having the ability to do so is a very liberating feeling. Great post.

  2. Hi Subrina!
    Loving kindness is an important quality that everyone needs to have, but is sometimes hard to obtain. This meditation practice helped me feel less self-centered, and have more empathy towards others. I have always felt loving kindness towards animals, because they are voiceless and do not hurt us intentionally. When it comes to people thats another story. I find it hard to forgive and hold grudges. I know that this is not healthy, and I look forward to learning how to have more loving kindness. I am hoping that these techniques will help all of us heal and learn to forgive.

  3. Subrina, your honesty is noteworthy, many people cannot be so honest with their feelings. I see this a lot in my profession. I find so many people do not want to admit that they deal with anger issues or that they have an issue with someone that they cannot get past. I personally think that admitting it begins healing. I do understand the interruptions can sort of knock you off from relaxation, but I think the point here is not to relax but to reflect and find inner feelings and emotions and deal with them. I hope that this exercise will bring some positive things to the things you deal with it. I know for myself it allowed me to deal with my feelings for someone close to me. I realize that no matter what I have done over their life to show them loving kindness they just don't have the confidence in it that I do and I need to be okay with that and just keep showing it. That was helpful to me.

  4. The instructions are disruptive. Everytime you get to a point where you can focus the instruction disrupt the progress,I totally agree.

  5. I kinda liked the waves, but also had trouble with the words. I think I get so wrapped up in where I want the exercise to go, that I'm not willing to go where the narrator wants!