Sunday, December 12, 2010

Subtle Mind

I enjoyed the subtle mind practice versus the loving-kindness practice. I think it is because I found so much comfort in not having to force myself to think about anything. It was easier to calm my mind by not thinking. The loving kindness practice called for more discipline on my part, where I had to stop thoughts such as ahh...what is going to happen with my job, when should I relocate to thoughts of loving kindness to self, a person who is unwell, strangers and then to all living see I have to think, there is intention which means forcing my mind, there is conscious intention. With all the chaotic thoughts taking up space in my head, the subtle mind kind of gave me a break:)

When I am spiritually well, I find that there is an endless flow of strength for me to engage in activities that I like or require my attention. I do not have to force myself. On the other hand, when I am spiritually unwell, even getting out of bed is a task. In simple term, feeling spiritually well to me means that I am ok, my presence is needed in this universe, I see the bigger purpose and when I am in this state of mind anything that I do turns out to have a postive outcome and when I see the positive outcome I feel great physically, emotionally and mentally.


  1. Hi Subrina, The Subtle Mind also allowed me to relax and clear my mind much easier than the Loving-Kindness practice. I felt I needed more discipline and focus with the Loving-kindness experience. I will have to try that practice again when my week isn't so overwhelming.

    I like the way you express your spiritual wellness as an "endless flow of strength". I find when I exercise and especially when I finished, I feel a great inner connection with myself mind-body and spiritually.

  2. Subrina,
    That is very interesting to see that we chose opposite exercises. I can see from your point of view why you feel the way you do though. I always feel like my mind is racing all the time and there are times when I just can't seem to stop it. I have found that watching t.v. or reading a book before bed slows my mind down a bit and somewhat distracts me from things that I think about whether they stress me out or not. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  3. Hi Subrina! I have to agree that I enjoyed the subtle mind exercise over the loving kindness exercise. The subltle mind allows you to free your mind and relax. You don't have to concentrate on anything but your breathing. This is an exercise that I will do again

  4. Subrina, I like your mention of the strength that is yours when you're feeling spiritually fit. I especially like "my presence is needed in this universe" -- having recently watched "It's A Wonderful Life!"

  5. Sybrina, I enjoyed this assignment also. I attempted to listen to the CD in my DVD/CD player and the track 3 was damaged so I had to do the download from Doc Sharing. When I listened to the Loving Kindness Exercise on the DVD/CD player all I encountered was the audio, however when I downloaded the track for track 3 from Doc Sharing onto my laptop and I played it there was a visual show which was very stimulating and the audio was calming and soothing. This created a conflict with me and I had to force myself to close my eyes to really enjoy the exercise. After completing the exercise I was rejuvenated.