Sunday, December 19, 2010

Universal Loving Kindness and Integral Assessment

As I was practiving the universal loving kindness, what kept coming to my mind, is me wanting to be part of a huge team effort that supports human rights, somthing that I have always wanted to so. Besides, I have always been in the human services industry. This exercise only reinstated what lies deep within me; I need to extend help to those who deserve it, need it but often find it hard to stand up for themselves.

Looking at myself at this point, I think the area that needs the most work is psychospiritual. If I can bring peace within my soul then my biological struggles (meaning illness) will not be as bothersome. I will not have to worry of I am going to die just like my dad. Infact the truth is, I am not afraid of death at this point, I am hurt by how others have viewed my illness. So if I can come to a point of being comfortable under my own skin then everything else will fall into place because at that point of time, I would be at peace within, I would feel one with everything that surrounds me.

Specfic exercises of things that I can foster psychospiritual development within me;
-positive affirmations on a daily basis when I am at a relaxed state
-Move out of state to be on my own, see the beauty that surrounds me
-Be open to the ones who are closest to me, being honest about how I feel
-listen to calming music daily
-prayer that my lawsuit will end so that I can move on

These are really what is important for me because I find myself being caught between the past, the present and the future and my only solace is accessing my inner self and my communication with the higher one.


  1. I am with you, psychospiritual is what I need to work on too. I truly believe, like you, that if we are at peace with ourselves we can cure or prevent any illness. Good luck with your journey. May the New Year bring wonderful things.

  2. Subrina,
    I think you grasped this exercise and made it your own. The words that we were told to keep repeating in our heads really gave me the same drive to put together a team effort to support human rights. Although I had a very difficult time with this exercise, I think that it is very powerful and the more you perform the exercise, the easier it will become.
    Pursue your ideas and goals!!! It will bring you health!
    Great post!

  3. Hi Subrina
    You did a wonderful job. I think that if you stay strong and continue to grow psychospiritually your health will get better. Dacher(2006)states if we choose to live a sense of oneness-the experience of a higher consciousness-we will gradually learn to identify ourselves with the connection and interdependence of life rather than the narrowness of our personality. Good luck in search for inner peace.

  4. Hi Subrina,

    I feel personally that psychspiritual health is one of the most important. It encompases everything around us and how we deal with it. If we do not embrace the oneness and take care of our selves how can we possibly take care of anyone else.

  5. Subrina, it's wonderful to have that realization of how, in this great big world, you want to be of service and leave your mark. To be able to focus on what population you wish to serve is a big step.