Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Second Best

Little girl ran up to her mommy and said
"mommy, mommy, look I got 86/100 for math"
Mommy said, "that's good but did you see your brother's score?
He got 98/100,."

Lady, went up to her husband and said,
"honey, I prepared your favorite dish
you joining me at the table for dinner?"
Hubby replied, "Ahhh...I got my game on,
will join you later"

Woman in pain, asked her hubby
"please come, lay beside me"
Hubby asked, "why?"
Woman, sobbed...

Times passes by

Man comes along, sees this beautiful lady
asks her out, she goes out
Then the real struggles came, she reached out
He backed away, his thoughts dwelling on another
Beautiful lady, remains a friend
One day, man tells her he bought his beloved a diamond ring
Beautiful lady smiles at her own nakedness
Beautiful lady cries, wounded by love's own flames

....always second best....

You plant the seeds
You water the plant everyday
You talk to it, you nurture it
Flowers bloom,
Fruits become visible

I have started to plant my seeds
....let me fetch my own water from the well...

1 comment:

  1. Babe, "Second Best" is the name you give yourself after trying to please the wrong people. To those whom you never need to (try to) please: you are always the best.